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The use of sexualization as protection is a typical motif that runs through the psychoanalytic literary works. Protection is a mechanism the young kid devises to mentally survive a toxic family setting. While in this manner of safeguarding himself works well for a time period, the continuous use of it as a grownup is damaging to the person’s recurring functioning as well as a feeling of well being.

By losing himself in sexual dreams and frequently seeing others as potential sex companions, or by sexual internet implementations, the sex addict is able to dramatically lower as well as control a variety of harmful and also uneasy emotional states. The majority of addicts regulate or bind potentially overwhelming anxiousness using the dependency proceedings. The decrease of depression, anxiety and also rage are some of the pay-offs that operate to facilitate as well as keep life in the erotic cocoon.

I price quote an additional patient who shows an instance of conceited character along with using sexualization as a defence. He is a 52-year old attractive, effective single man.

She wanted sex. While an invest untold hrs compulsively web surfing to live in my sexual dreams, when it ends up being actual, when you locate somebody who appears to be the personification of your sexual pre-occupation, the rate of interest soon winds down as her desires and also needs come into the photo. Occasionally, I do not also trouble with the search for genuine females, due to the fact that I recognize the inevitable outcome is disillusionment.

Unusually sufficient, my life is still controlled by sex. It becomes the lens through which I see every little thing. I most likely to a family event and also obtain shed in sex-related fantasies concerning my teenage nieces. I stay in the continuous anxiety of being learnt to be a “freak”. I see a female on the train worn a way that activates me, as well as I’m ruined for the day. Routine sex just does not do it for me anymore. It’s reached be unusual or prohibited or “from package”.