Guide to conquer a woman: Tips from an escort

Guide to conquer a woman: Tips from an escort

Are you thinking of jumping into the dating world and don’t know how to start or what to do? Our london escorts, ladies responsible for seducing and charming their clients from the first touch, can give you a couple of tips that they themselves follow and that as women they also feel are an important part of their conquest. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Renew your appearance

You don’t have to dress or somehow fake something you’re not, you don’t have to buy expensive clothes and you don’t have to make yourself unrecognizable change either, but there are little things you can improve that will definitely catch the attention of your date without totally losing your day to day essence.

One of these things is to keep all the clothes you wear clean and smelly, make an effort to wash them and have a perfume that doesn’t have to be expensive, but pleasant to the nose. After that you have to invest in yourself, what is underneath the clothes.

Try to maintain your personal hygiene at 100%, before meeting her, take a long bath and make sure that the soap you use is very fragrant, try to cut your nails and comb your hair well. Again, your clothes don’t need to be the best as long as you look neat and tidy.

Have fun

The closest way to attract a woman is to make her laugh, a couple of laughs is always a good start for romance or attraction, you can learn this when you go out with escorts Lovesita SexeModel, because these girls are really charismatic and nice.

You don’t have to tell jokes all the time or be a clown, sometimes it’s as simple as keeping a charismatic and fresh attitude that comes naturally. Even the most serious people can have this fun touch that everyone loves.

Eye contact.

It’s important that even if it’s just a little bit, you maintain eye contact. You don’t have to stare at her for the entire date, but there’s something about eye contact that makes people fall for each other’s charms. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sub or a dom, looking into her eyes lets her understand that you’re interested in her.

Closeness during the date

In most cases, the more he is interested in you, the more he will try to get closer. Trying to close the distance between the two of you is always a good step.

And when he gets the chance to be close, pay attention to his behavior. Our escorts at Theory Love Escorts say that many times you can tell if your date is sub or dom just by paying attention to how they behave during the date. Try to make very small steps to let her know you are interested, for example, brushing your arm lightly, smiling sideways at her, and if she willingly leans any part of her body on you, that date was a success.