How to Tell Your Real Life Lover About Your Silicone Sex Dolls

Have you bought a silicone sex doll to fulfil all your sexual desires? Does your partner know about your silicone beauty? Well, sex dolls can be perceived differently by different people. Some find it helpful and adjust with her, while others find the love dolls a little odd.

This is why you need to handle your partner carefully when you are planning to reveal about your love doll. Remember that honesty is the best practice of a long-lasting and loving relationship. So, be honest with your partner and tell them everything about your silicone darling. Here are the tricks to tell about your sex doll.

 #1 Find the Right Time

 Telling about your sex doll to your partner is not an easy task. So, first, try to find the right time, to tell the truth about a love doll to your real life girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband. For example, you can start talking about your sexual fantasies in bed and can check your partner’s view on love dolls.

Also, show your respect and gratitude toward your partner’s efforts for making love life successful. And ask the same kind of queries to them about sexual desires, what turns them on, etc. In talks, you can bring the topic of sex dolls.

Try to meld things in such a way that your partner gets impressed with the benefits and talks on sex doll. And, make sure that you as well as your love of life, is on the same page. Build trust, impress with talks, manipulate on benefits, and then try to reveal about your silicone doll.

After having a sex with your partner, bedtime is the right time to start the talk. Or, you can talk anytime you find your partner in a good mood. It can be a day of watching an adult movie then start adult talks and then move towards the topic of sex dolls.

 #2 Have Fun Talk Around

When you just started a new relationship, try to gain the trust of your partner that you are a normal guy. After that, you can choose any day for a romantic dinner or a date. Order delicious food, favourite cocktails or drinks and start talking about sex slowly with your partner.

You can talk about adult movies, sex toys, what you should try for more fun, etc. Then, at the same time, add a talk session about sex dolls. You can start by explaining the benefits of having silicone sex dolls and how they help improve sex life and bring more fun between couples.

While talking about the sex doll, keep checking the reactions of your partner. And, if you feel that your real life partner is showing interest, then try to tell him/her that you have got one.

It is possible that he/she feels shocked, but you can explain good ways why you invest in a silicone love doll. Also, you can explain to your partner that it is for both of us and it will bring more fun in our life. Or, if you feel they are not goanna understand, you can add humour to it. This is how you are able to tell your real life partner about your sex doll.

#3 Take Your Partner in Confidence

Your better half or real life partner should know how much you love him/her and care for them. Of course you are very excited about sex dolls, but to bring the same excitement for your partner, you need to take them in confidence first.

Let your partner know that he/she will always hold the first position on your priority list. Once your partner understands that you really care for them, then you can explain the reason to invest in sex dolls. Buying a silicone sex doll from BBdoll store becomes easy after having a discussion on it with your better half.

Your partner probably asks many questions about why you buy a love doll, try to answer all in a polite and understanding way. You can even explain the sex doll by comparing her with other sex toys your partner had in the past. Also, explain that having a sex doll in life can solve my higher sex drive and brings more happiness in a relationship. You can also tell that this will help protect our relationship and breakup or cheating.

If your partner doesn’t seem excited about it after all the conversation, tell him/her more about love dolls. For example, you can explain her the different kinds of male and female sex dolls. Try to impress her so that you can get her introduced to your silicone lady.

What If Your Real Life Partner Reject Your Sex Doll?

If, after so much explanations, your real partner rejected the sex doll, then ask for permission to use it in private. It means you can ask them to use a sex doll when they are not around or on vacations for days. There should not be an issue with your partner using a love doll in their absence.

You can also store the love doll in a safe place that is not accessible to guests. And, when you are planning to buy a silicone sex doll, make sure you get it from a reputed online store like There you can choose from various sex doll options ranging from European love dolls to African beauties.

Live your sexual fantasies with sex doll without affecting your loyalty and responsibilities towards your real life partner.

Final Words

Don’t be afraid or shy in expressing your need for a sex doll to fulfil your sexual desires. Also, be smart to introduce your silicone sex doll to your real life partner. Be ready to answer all the questions asked by your partner and show your love doll with confidence. Everything in a relationship is about trust and understanding. So, when you introduce a sex doll responsibly and carefully, your better half will definitely accept it. Keeping it as a secret may bring troubles in your relationships, so better to tell on time.